Real Estate Law Experts

Szura & Delonis PLC has over 25 years of experience representing sellers, buyers, and other stakeholders in a variety of real estate transactions and litigation. 

Our  legal expertise ensures our clients’ interests are protected. Even the simplest real estate deal can be rife with title issues, uncertainties, and other complications. We work closely with real estate agents and other parties to spot problems in advance and create solutions that will move the deal forward to closing. 

Our Core Real Estate Legal Services

To get a better sense of our representations in real estate matters, a list of our core services include: 

  • Residential/Commercial real estate sales: We help buyers and sellers alike in their real estate deals involving the sale and purchase of residential and commercial real estate. Our involvement in real estate acquisitions can include negotiating terms, drafting purchase agreements, reviewing deeds for title issues, coordinating inspections and insurance, and being available in the event of issues at or after closing. We focus on protecting our clients and complying with the relevant laws.  
  • Leases and other property interests: Our firm also handles the negotiating and drafting of commercial real estate leases for both property owners and tenants. For commercial tenants, we work hard to make sure the needs of their business are addressed under the terms of the lease. Likewise, we care for our commercial landlords by understanding their property and how to protect it from the use of prospective tenants. We also help clients in negotiating deals concerning other property interests such as easements.
  • Litigation: Conflicts involving real estate can be quite common given the complexity of deals, the relevant law, and the potential for flaws in deeds and other important documents. Our firm is experienced in handling all sorts of boundary disputes, contract breaches, code violations, and other conflicts with a cost-effective and outcome-driven approach. 

Our firm’s real estate practice is led by a team of experienced attorneys. An integral member of that team, Richard M. Delonis, previously handled claims for a major title insurance company as its outside counsel, resolving hundreds of property title disputes. He is a guiding force in reviewing real estate transactions and knowing how to resolve our clients’ property issues. 

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