1st Dec 2017

Piercing the corporate veil                                                                          … more

13th Nov 2017

If you were a party to a civil lawsuit, would you want a jury, or judge to decide your fate? Juries are typically seen as favoring the little guy, often the plaintiff. But maybe that perception is wrong. Researchers Valerie … more

30th Oct 2017

By: Del A. Szura Multiemployer defined benefit pension plans face the problem of underfunding. Will there be enough money to pay pensioners the benefits they’ve been promised? Such pension funds are insured through the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, but only … more

23rd Jun 2016

The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in Universal Health Services v. Escobar will likely expand liability under the False Claims Act, meaning the potential for more qui tam lawsuits.   The case concerned how the failure to disclose noncompliance with statutory, regulatory … more