26th Jan 2018

              Sometimes you’re stuck. You have to arbitrate. Maybe you entered an agreement to do so. Is such an agreement binding and enforceable? It depends. If you purposefully and willingly enter such an agreement, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll have … more

8th Jan 2018

  Legal technicalities may not be invoked to avoid paying sales agents’ commissions. That’s the essence of Michigan’s procuring cause doctrine – an equitable doctrine established by Michigan’s supreme court to protect commission based sales agents.[1] This doctrine protects all … more

1st Dec 2017

Piercing the corporate veil                                                                          … more

13th Nov 2017

If you were a party to a civil lawsuit, would you want a jury, or judge to decide your fate? Juries are typically seen as favoring the little guy, often the plaintiff. But maybe that perception is wrong. Researchers Valerie … more