27th Sep 2018

The State Bar of Michigan Health Care Law Section (HCLS) has named health care lawyer Louis C. Szura as chair for a one-year term (2018-19). Szura, a founding partner of Southfield law firm Szura & Delonis, P.L.C., was selected during … more

26th Jan 2018

              Sometimes you’re stuck. You must arbitrate. Maybe you entered an agreement to do so. Is such an agreement binding and enforceable? If you willingly sign  an agreement to arbitrate there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be bound. However, not all … more

13th Nov 2017

If you were a party to a civil lawsuit would you want a jury or a judge to decide your fate? Juries are typically seen as favoring the little guy, usually the plaintiff. But maybe that perception is wrong. Researchers … more